Electromagnetics of Microwaves, Submillimeter & Optical Waves XIV

Preliminary program

The main goal the Conference is to discuss the recent developments and applications of laser, optical and electromagnetic technologies in engineering, medicine and biology, material and environmental sciences, nanotechnology, no nlinear dynamics, laser systems, laser spectroscopy and molecular modeling. The main attention will be paid to fundamentals and general approaches of description of nonlinear and nonstationary electromagnetics for optics, biomedicine, active and passive photonics and metamaterials, interactions with nonlinear media, inhomogeneous scattering media, photonic crystals, tissue phantoms, and various types of tissues in vitro and in vivo. Another trend is the nonlinear dynamic and electronics applications to various engineering and practice problems.


The scientific program will include but is not restricted to the following topic areas:


Papers will be published in Conference Proceedings (in Russian and English) under the title “Problems of Optical Physics and Biophotonics” and in Saratov IEEE Chapter Proceedings under the title “Modeling in applied electromagnetics and electronics” which is the annual issue without additional charge. All papers will be subjected to the normal refereeing process for the journals. Manuscripts of papers to be published should be submitted not later than November, 2014.

The papers for “Modeling in applied electromagnetics and electronics” must be sent to Prof. Michael V. Davidovich in doc and pdf formats.

Personnel to contact with:

Chair: Prof. Michael V. Davidovich

Secretary: Mr. Pavel Shilovsky

Secretary: Mr. Alexander Nikolaevich Savin