Lecture by A. Chipouline: Optical metamaterials and Maxwell's equations

Chipouline 2016


September, 27, 2016. At 16:30 (MSK)


Building 3, Big Physical Hall


Arkadi Chipouline, PD Ph.D., habilitated, Institute for Microwave Engineering and Photonics, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Research & Industrial Experience

In my scientific work, I supervised multiple projects in collaboration with various scientific Centers in
Europe and USA in the following areas:

Theoretical experience includes: Hands on analytic math and numerical programming tools in photonics;
interpretation of the experimental data, fitting procedures; I have developed several semi analytical models
(for example, multipole approach for homogenization of metamaterials), which provide qualitative physical
interpretations of the experimental results. The models are complimentary to the numerical methods and
highlight the physical inside, which is typically hidden in the massive numerical calculations.

Technological experience includes: E-beam Lithography, Focused Ion Beam, Photo-Lithography, Etching,
functionalization with QD and biomolecules, producing of microresonators and tapered fibers.

Characterization experience includes: Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy; any kind
of optical experiments: direct, homodyne, and heterodyne optical detection; spectral measurements,
including FROG; SNOM technique; short pulse measurements; high frequency (GHz) handling and
detection; statistical measurements; operation of any types of lasers; pump probe measurements;
characterization and verification of optical amplifiers and optical communication links.

Industrial experience includes: Design, testing, and manufacturing of optical on-line amplifiers; design and
testing of any kind of opto-electronic components for fiber optic communication lines; testing on system,
rack, and shelf levels; Design Verification Tests (DVT) including DVT for manufacturing.

Teaching experience



Professional Activities

Reviewer: Nature Photonics, Nature Communication, Laser Focus Word, Optics Express, JOSA, IOP, ACS,
EPL, Photonics and Nanostructures, New Journal of Physics, Optical Engineering, Photonics and
Nanostructures, SPIE.

Editorial Boards: Journal of Optics, Journal of Advanced Electrodynamics.

TPC member: META’12, META’13, META’14, META’15.

Organizer of Workshop in the frame of DFG AG Physikalische Praktika ”Innovative Lehrmittel”,
technical session at various international conferences.


2002 Award of Excellence, CORVIS Corporation, USA

Personnel to contact with:

Instructor: Dr. Arkadi Chipouline