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Sagaidachnyi A.A., Usanov D.A., Skripal A.V., Fomin A.V.


Interrelations of temperature and blood flow oscillations of finger phalanxes under normal conditions at healthy subjects have been investigated. Oscillations of a blood flow measured by means of photoplethysmography, oscillations of temperature defined by means of thermal imaging camera in LWIR band.
The method of reconstruction of blood flow from temperature oscillations with use of the Pennes' bioheat transfer equation and definition of time delay of a temperature relatively blood flow signal has been described. Temperature oscillations lag from blood flow oscillations approximately of 10-20 seconds as a result of a final transfer time of temperature waves advancing from blood vessels to a skin surface. Time delay and rate of diffusion of temperature waves can be used for the definition of an effective thickness of a tissue layer parting blood vessels and skin surface.
Use of the described technique of comparison of oscillations of a blood flow and temperature of fingers allows to raise correlation coefficient of these signals on the average from 0,35 to 0,63 that testifies to high degree of conditionality of temperature oscillations by blood flow oscillations. Rising of correlation coefficient of temperature and a blood flow should simplify the analysis of these signals in time-frequency domain.
The considered method of non-contact definition of blood flow oscillation by means of temperature oscillations measurements can find wide practical application in researches of thermal lesions of a skin, researches of influence of physical, chemical factors on a hemodynamic in peripheric vessels and skin microcirculation.

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Mr. Andrey Alexandrovich Sagaidachnyi

Saratov State University, Research fellow
Saratov, Russia

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