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Mikhail Volkov, ITMO University, Russia
Nikita Margaryants, ITMO University, Russia
Andrey Potemkin, ITMO University, Russia


Evaluation of the parameters of the capillary network (morphology of capillaries and blood flow velocity) is important for the early diagnosis of a number of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, scleroderma, and psoriasis. The area of the finger nailfold of human is the most convenient for observing capillaries. The capillaries in this area are oriented parallel to the nail plate and are located close to the surface of the skin. In a number of works, the results of evaluation the morphology of the capillary network and blood flow velocity in individual capillaries of the nailfold by videocapillaroscopy are shown. However, for the diagnosis of certain diseases (e.g. psoriasis), it is necessary to study the parameters of capillary blood flow outside the nailfold, for example, in the forearm area. Outside the nailfold, the observation of capillaries is complicated by such factors as large thickness and folds of the skin, age spots, and the presence of hair. Capillaries in this area have a more complex morphology compared to capillaries of the nailfold. Due to the large thickness of tissue, local displacements of the skin surface and capillary network are possible during the study.
A videocapillaroscopy system, a measurement technique, and data processing methods have been developed to evaluation of the blood flow velocity in individual capillaries outside the nailfold, in particular, for the region of the forearm, forehead, and cheek of a human. The conducted research shows the correlation of blood flow velocity in a separate capillary and microphotoplethysmogram. The results obtained are important for assessing the parameters of the microcirculatory network and for diagnosing various socially significant diseases.
The work supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Project Number: 8.2501.2017/4.6.

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Mr. Nikita Margaryants

ITMO University
Saint Petersburg, Russia

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