Microscopy, Plenary Lecture


Sergey Kalenkov, University of mechanical engineering, Russia
Georgy Kalenkov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Russia
Alexander Shtanko, Moscow State University of Technology Stankin, Russia

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An overview of the hyperspectral holography - a novel imaging technique - is given for the case of free space diffraction and image plane holography, which is based on a modified scheme of asymmetrical Fourier spectrometer. It enables to register a digital hologram of the object in incoherent light for each spectral component, i.e. a hyperspectral hologram of the object. This method benefits both FT-spectroscopy advantages: Jacquinot advantage and Fellgett's multiplex factor, which gives an unprecedented SNR and also enables to register hyperspectral holograms in spectral ranges where coherent light sources are inaccessible ( THz, deep-UV, X-ray ). Here we discuss applications of the proposed method to the problems of digital holographic microscopy: speckle noise reduction, label free imaging of biosamples, color rendition and optical phase profiling. New experimental results, verifying proposed principles, are provided.

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Prof. Sergey Gennadievich Kalenkov

UNIVERSITY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Head of research and development centre "Opto-electronics", Prof.
Moscow, Russia

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