Biophysics, Oral Report


Korshikova Daria, Nemkova Olga LOMO PLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The report presents the development of LOMO PLC in the field of classical microscopy in clinical diagnosis:
- series microscopes "Mikmed 5, 6"
- fluorescent microscopes
- polarizing microscopes
- microspectrophotometer
- microvizors
Discussed in more detail one of the latest developments of LOMO PLC - microvizors, their main characteristics, advantages over microscopes, application, etc.
More examining the use of the upgraded model mikrovizora medical mVizo-103 for the microscopic diagnosis of diseases of urogenital system.
Mikrovizor - transition from classical to digital microscopy. This device is a digitaloptical product that combines the functions of the microscope and computer image processing.
Mikrovizor 100 series has been tested successfully in such medical facilities as the Center for Reproduction and Genetics "Fertimed" (Moscow), St. Petersburg Klinikodiagnosticheskaya laboratory "Intercession City Hospital", Saint Petersburg State University School of Medicine, etc.
The experiments were conducted comparing images obtained on the microscope and mikrovizore modes of relief and contrast enhanced color mode.

Representing author


Ms. Daria Sergeevna Korshikova

LOMO PLC, Engineer
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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