Nanostructures, Plenary Lecture


Ольга Глухова, Sararov State University, Russia

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«KVAZAR» is an open multiprocessor software complex of molecular modeling that combines the advantages of the most successful modern molecular modeling package but at the same time has a flexible, easily modifiable architecture.

Developing complex of molecular modeling is used to solve a wide class of problems in biophysics, medicine and nanoelectronics, such as:

1) The calculation of the electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity of nanostructures and biosystems to create the high sensitivity sensor devices on their basis;
2) The modeling of physical and chemical processes in the intima of arteries at the atomic and molecular-cellular level to identify the mechanism of the lipoproteins penetration in interendothelial space;
3) The simulation of interaction between carbon nanostructures and chitosan chains to develop new prosthetic bionanocomposite material on their basis;
The modeling of the self-assembly processes for biological macromolecules in order to develop the modern technologies to produce of bionanomaterials.

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Dr. Ольга Евгеньевна Глухова

Sararov State University, доцент
Saratov, Russia

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