Biophysics, Plenary Lecture


Jeurgen Popp, Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany

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Understanding the cause of diseases, early disease recognition, targeted disease treatment, predication of therapeutic response and monitoring treatment success; are the underlying principles of the vision associated with modern biomedicine. In the past years Biophotonics has witnessed the development of optical / photonic approaches that are potentially in a position to meet these aforementioned challenges. In this context, spectroscopic approaches like e.g. Raman spectroscopy are especially noteworthy. Here, we introduce into the application of non-invasive spectroscopic approaches with special emphasis on linear and non-linear Raman approaches for clinical diagnosis, i.e. according to the needs of pathology, oncology, and infection/ sepsis. We will present chip-based bacterial isolation strategies for a fast pathogen identification and the determination of their antibiotic resistances, which is crucial for patient’s survival. Moreover, we report about Raman on-chip approaches for the identification of circulating tumor cells and therapeutic drug monitoring. Furthermore, we introduce spectroscopic approaches for ex-vivo and in-vivo spectral histopathology for an early diagnosis of cancer.

Acknowledgements: We thank the EU, the ”Thüringer Kultusministerium (TKM)”, the ”Thüringer Aufbaubank (TAB)”, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF), the German Science Foundation, the Carl Zeiss Foundation and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for Financial support.

Representing author


Prof. Jeurgen Popp

Institute of Photonic Technology, Scientific Director
Jena, Germany

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