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Igor A. Chesnokov, Nikolay A. Bushuev, Yakov E. Anisimov, FSUE “SPE "Almaz", Saratov, Russia,
Elena P. Lyapina, Saratov State Medical University, Russia


Physiotherapeutic method of treatment is attractive because of the opportunity to reduce a toxic load and an amount of by-reactions, caused by the long medicinal therapy. Also polyfactorial impact on an organism is an important feature of the mentioned technique. The advantages of physical methods of treatment are physiologic nature, ability to render training effect and to stimulate compensatory adaptive processes in an organism, good compatibility with other medical agents, an after-action effect. All this factors are combined in the low-intensive electromagnetic radiation (LI EMR).
Last years the data have appeared testifying to the greater efficiency of combined action of EMR of various ranges. This is linked with their different penetrating power, and also with an opportunity of some of them (for example, in optical or IR ranges) to produce an effect of a stochastic resonance. In these conditions realization of EMR action in the extremely high-frequency range (EHF) is facilitated.
Realization of combined effects demands the appropriate equipment which market is not infested. We developed the treatment-and-diagnostic complex (TDC) based on diagnostic-therapeutic opportunities of Nakatani method. This technique is applied as a biological feedback, allowing us to carry out continuous monitoring of the functional state of an organism and its separate systems and to implement noninvasive action with EMR in a wide frequency spectrum. The spectral ranges are: 53 - 78 GHz ("White noise"); EHF monoradiation on the permitted by Russian Ministry of Health frequencies; IR-range λ =0,83 µm; optical range, laser radiation λ =0,69 µm. Also TDC includes EHF/crystallotherapy, the principle of action of which has no world analogs.
As against existing medical devices of similar class TDC with biological feedback can essentially expand opportunities of therapeutic action due to an application of various mono- and combined modes. TDC is capable to individualize a scheme of treatment and to increase its efficiency. That reduces terms of treatment and amount of used medicines. Rising of a natural resistance of the patient's organism allows physician to implement a principle of preventive medicine.

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Ms. Elena L. Surmenko

Saratov State Technical University, associate prof.
Saratov, Russia

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