Biophysics, Plenary Lecture


Valery P. Zakharov, Samara State Aerospace University

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Malignant skin tumors of different types were studied in vivo involving optical coherence tomography (OCT), backscattering (BS) and Raman spectroscopy (RS). Multimodal method of early cancer detection based on complex analysis of OCT image with attributes of relative alteration of spectral intensities of scattered radiation of malignant and healthy tissue was proposed. It was achieved increase in average accuracy of diagnosis for a variety of cancer types (sensitivity on 9% and specificity on 8%) by multimodal RS-BS-OCT system in comparison with independent use of any of those methods. In vivo detection of melanoma with sensitivity 89% and specificity 93% was demonstrated. Ex vivo lung tumor analysis allows to achieve specificity 82% and sensitivity 100% for adenocarcinoma analysis, specificity 78% and sensitivity 91% for squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis. The proposed approach equalizes the processing rates for all methods and provide tumor imaging with the simultaneous determination of cancer type.

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Prof. Valery Zakharov

Samara State Aerospace University

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