Nanobiophotonics, Plenary Lecture


AleŇ° Lapanje, Institute of Metagenomics and Microbial Technologies, Slovenija

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Microorganisms are the oldest, the most abundant and diverse organisms on the world, and through their effects on geocycling of nutrients they have been enabling establishing as well as sustaining the whole biosphere. Nanotechnology is rapidly advancing and its potential has been greatly recognised in the medicine. Based on grounds of biological principles the nanotechnology is showing a lot of promises particularly in cancer treatment, monitoring disease stages and setting up the right diagnosis at the right time. In contrast, the potential of nanotechnology has been very neglected in all aspects of the microbiology. There are three conceptual basis where nanotechnology can meet the microbiology: (i) curing infections by the use of nanotechnology as the alternative treatment strategy to antibiotics especially for treatment multiresistant strains, (ii) biofilm management and antibiofouling and (iii) in biotechnological applications. Vice versa there are also some applications where microbiology can support nanotechnology particularly in the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, biomachining, nanowire synthesis etc. In summary, different approaches in basic and applied microbiology need interventions of nanotechnologists. Different above mentioned state-of-the-art nanotech-microbiology interactions will be shown. Particularly, the case where side by side the nanotechnology and microbiology were used for cleaning pesticide residue 2,6-Dichlorobenzamide will be shown and discussed.

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Dr. AleŇ° Lapanje

Institute of Metagenomics and Microbial Technologies

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