Internet Presentation uploading and other attachments

If you have submitted your report at our conference web site, you will be able to attach additional materials right after organizing committee accept it. Follow the Report list link from toolbar on the right before uploading your attachments and check if your report was actually accepted. Then it will be possible to add a file:

Press Attach file to start uploading your data.

Extended abstract

In case of textual representation of abstract cannot reflect content of your work (due to formulas or images) you can upload additional extended version of your abstract as 1-2-page PDF document.

Internet Presentation

One of the representation forms of report at our conference is participation in Internet session. After the preparation according to our guidelines, Internet report of lecture can be uploaded by selecting Presentation as attachment type:

Then add your file to the form, description (optionally) and hit Attach file button to upload.

Your files will be immediately accessible to organizing committee after the uploading.