Internet Session Workflow


Internet Session is intended to allow people who are not able to come to Saratov personally to present their work to worldwide audience. This special event's activity is held exclusively on-line using standard web browser with moderate Internet connection. Anybody may register to join Internet session as On-line Participant as well as Representing Author of Internet Report. Another important feature of the Internet Session is that you are not limited to certain time to participate, including report representation and discussions.


We are working hard to allow all computer users to use our services. Currently our web site do not require anything special to function properly but standard-compliant web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are recommended for better experience but MS Internet Explorer can also be used). There are no special Internet connection requirements as well. Computer architecture and OS issues is also not known (modern MS Windows and some Linux distributions are tested).

If your particular configuration is not working correctly with our site contact, please, administrator:

Raw Outline

* Representing Author SFM Staff On-line Participant


Personal Registration   Personal Registration
Report Registration
& Abstract Submission
  Accept Report into Program  
    Access to Preliminary Program & Abstracts
For On-site Reports, optional:
Abstract Uploading
    Access to On-site Reports' Abstracts
For Internet Reports:
Report Uploading
  Report Verification and Publishing  
    Access to Full-text Internet Reports
    Ask Questions
  Discussion Moderation  
Answer Questions    
Manuscript Uploading    
  Manuscript Verification
& Preparation for Proceedings

Report Registration and Abstract Submission

You have to register at the SFM site to continue. Note that you must register only once to become site user and receive acount information: login name and password to access personal pages. Either, you have not to register if you received Invitation e-mail from us with authorization info.

After entering the site you will be able to register your reports by following the link from Author Checklist.

You can check the status of your reports later by revisiting report registration page. All accepted reports will be listed also in the preliminary program on the workshop page.

Preparing Your Report for Internet

Please consult other guidelines on directions for report creation. Please note: your Intenet report is to be presented via Internet, so it must be prepared to be accessible using standard web browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.) You may prepare report using any software you prefer, but resulting presentation must be in HTML format. MS Office Sute can help you: it allows you to export your file into compatible format. Please consult your local Internet guru for details.

Internet Plenary Lecture is different case. It will be presented during special session (not on-line) and may be multimedia-rich, containing author audio comments, video samples and animations. Plenary lecturers may also present their work via the site, submitting HTML version to put lecture on-line.

Report Uploading

Follow the particular guideline, please.