Workshop on Electromagnetics of Microwaves, Submillimeter and Optical Waves XVIII

Preliminary program

The main goal the Conference is to discuss the recent developments and applications of electromagnetic, laser, optical and corresponding technologies in engineering, material and environmental sciences, nanotechnology, nonlinear dynamics, molecular modeling, medicine and biology. The main attention will be paid to fundamentals and general approaches of description of nonlinear and nonstationary electromagnetics for optics, plasmonics, biomedicine, active and passive photonics and metamaterials, interactions with nonlinear media, inhomogeneous scattering media, photonic crystals. Another trend is the nonlinear dynamic and electronics applications to various engineering and practice problems.

• Antennas and propagation
• General electromagnetic field theory
• Nonstationary electromagnetics
• Pulse generation and propagation
• Plasmonics and nanoplasmonics
• Nonlinear electromagnetics and electronics
• Diffraction and scattering of waves
• Resonators, waveguides, transmission line discontinuities, mircrowave units
• Microwave, millimeter, sub-millimeter and optical wave radiophysics and electronics
• Electromagnetic methods in optics
• Electromagnetics in biomedical applications
• Electromagnetics for condensed and artificial media
• Metamaterials, photonic crystals, left-handed materials
• Sensors and measurements
• Boundary value problems and algorithms


Personnel to contact with:

Chair: Prof. Michael V. Davidovich

Secretary: Mr. Alexander Nikolaevich Savin