Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics X

Preliminary program

The main goal of the Workshop is to attract young scientists and students to the discussion of topical problems and results in the field of theoretical nonlinear dynamics with special attention to its application in the living systems, such as mathematical physiology, neuroscience and advanced time series analysis of biophysical and medical data.
The special attention will be given to the review of contemporary achievements in the field of research of dynamics of complex nonlinear systems, both deterministic and stochastic. It is planned to invite some leading experts for delivering plenary lectures and to present oral and poster contributions of young researchers, PhD students and graduate students.
The scientific program will include but is not limited to the following topic areas:
• Nonlinear Dynamics of Deterministic Finite-Dimensional and Distributed Systems
• StabilityandBifurcations
• SynchronizationofComplex Processes
• Role of Fluctuations in Nonlinear Dynamics
• Diagnostics and Analysis of Physiological Rhythms
• MathematicalModelingofLivingSystems

Personnel to contact with:

Secretary: Dr. Andrei Slepnev