Conference on Nanobiophotonics

Preliminary program

The main goal of the Conference is to present and discuss recent developments and applications of plasmonic nanostructures with controlled geometrical, optical, and surface chemical properties, as well as multifunctional nanocomposites conjugated to various molecular ligands. These topics are the subject of intensive studies and applications in biology and medicine. To date, this field has included genomics and biosensorics, immunoassays and clinical chemistry, phototherapy of cancer cells and tumors, targeted delivery of drugs and antigens, and optical bioimaging of cells and tissues with state-of-the-art nanophotonic detection systems. Multifunctional nanocomposites that combine therapeutic, diagnostic, and sensing modalities in a single nanostructure are widely used in a new field of nanobiotechnology called theranostics. Although the term theranostics has been employed for the first time quite recently, it is now rapidly growing and promising field at the crossroads of plasmonics and nanomedicine.
• Fabrication of plasmon-resonant NPs and nanostructures
• Multifunctionalnanostructuresfor theranostics
• Compositenanostructured functionalmaterials
• Optical properties of plasmon resonant NPs and nanostructures
• Physicochemical characterization of NPs and nanostructures
• Functionalization of NPs with biospecific macromolecules
• Nanoscalebiosensors
• Chemicaltechnologiesbasedon nanoparticles
• Cellimagingwith NP bioconjugates
• Photothermal and photodynamic therapy using nanocomposites
• Application of nanoparticles to the targeted drug delivery
• UptakeofNPsbycells
• Biodistribution and toxicity of NPs in vitro and in vivo
• Analytical applications of NPs and bioconjugates
• SERS withplasmonic nanostructures
• SERS tagsasnovelnanoprobes
• Quantumdotsanditsapplication

Personnel to contact with:

Chair: Prof. Nikolai G. Khlebtsov

Secretary: Dr. Timofey Evgen'evich Pylaev