Conference on Microscopy and Low-Coherence Methods in Biomedical and Non-Biomedical Applications XII

Preliminary program

The main goal of the Conference is to involve international community of researches and students in the field of recent developments of biophotonics via distant learning provided by the Internet facilities. SFM has a prolonged experience in organizing of Internet sessions during last 20 years.
Participants from Australia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA, Uzbekistan have located their papers at the meeting website:
In 2019 we are expecting 2-4 Internet Plenary lectures, 20-30 Internet invited lectures highlighting current research and recent progress in Biophotonics, which will be done by well-known experts, 30-40 Internet reports from post-docs and PhD students all over the world.
• New photonic technologies for the analysis of cell and tissue processes
• Photonics for non- and minimally-invasive diagnosis and therapy
• Nanobiophotonics
• Optical micromanipulation of cells and particles
• Biosensors
• Modeling and data analysis in Biophotonics
• Clinical applications
• Tissue and blood optical clearing
• Tissue optics

Personnel to contact with:

Chair: Dr. Eugene Konstantinovich Bashkirov

Chair: Dr. Ivan V. Fedosov

Chair: Prof. Valery Victorovich Tuchin

Chair: Prof. Kirill Larin

Secretary: Daria Kirillovna Tuchina

Secretary: Dr. Georgy Garifovich Akchurin