Conference on Laser Physics and Photonics XXI

Preliminary program

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The main goal of the Conference is to involve junior researches and students in the field of recent developments and applications of laser physics and photonics. The main attention will be paid to discussion of the physical processes underlying the laser operation, new developments in laser design and applications, as well as the quantum and coherent properties of light and a wide scope of light-matter interaction problems, including both microscopic and macroscopic effects. Physics and technology of optical fibers and networks, photonic band-gap structures, optoelectronic and acoustooptical devices will be discussed.
The scientific program will include but is not restricted to the following topic areas:
• Physical processes in lasers, dynamics of laser systems
• Optical waveguides, fiber optics, optical networks
• Photonic band-gap structures
• Laser beam and pulse propagation, ultrafast optics
• Interaction of laser radiation with matter, nonlinear optics
• Quantum optics, photon statistics
• Acoustooptics
• Optoelectronics
• Photonics of low-dimensional structures
• Laser spectroscopy
• Coherence and holography

The preliminary list of sessions:
• Nonlinear dynamics in lasers and optical systems.
• Optical coherence and holography
• Nonlinear beam and pulse propagation, ultrafast optics
• New trends in computer modeling of lasers and optical systems
• Atom and quantum optics, optical devices for quantum computing, photonics of exotic quantum systems
• Laser physics and applications
• Nonlinear optics
• Dynamics of atoms, molecules and quantum-dimensional systems in laser fields
• Band-gap structures and optical waveguides

Personnel to contact with:

Chair: Prof. Vladimir Leonardovich Derbov

Secretary: Mr. Andrei Konuhov