Advanced Materials II

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Vladimir N. Kurlov, Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS, Russia
Igor V. Reshetov, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia
Irina N. Dolganova, Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS, Russia
Kirill I. Zaytsev, Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Russia; Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia

Gleb M. Katyba, Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS, Russia

The main goal of the Conference is to review and discuss the recent developments of novel and advanced materials of optics and biophotonics and related applications. The main attention will be paid to current and exceptional opportunities of novel materials in optical performance and resistance to aggressive environments, such as blood and human body fluids. The conference scope includes materials for medical instruments and biological research, waveguiding and radiation delivery, medical implantation, materials for artificial biotissues and 3D bioprinting, etc.; additionally, the related problems of their manufacturing and investigation will be discussed.

Novel technologies for fabrication of advanced materials for optics and biophotonics
Sapphire shaped crystals as a prospective material for biology and medicine
Modern instruments for medical diagnosis, therapy and surgery relying on the advanced materials
Problems of biotissue transplantation
Biofriendly materials with advanced optical performance
Cell spheroids and 3D bioprinting
Advanced colloidal systems for applications in biology and medicine.

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Chair: Dr. Vladimir Kurlov

Chair: Mrs. Irina Dolganova

Chair: Mr. Vasiliy Zaytsev

Chair: Mr. Nikita Chernomyrdin