Saratov Fall Meeting 2016

SFM: School

XX International School for Junior Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics & Biophotonics

September 26–30

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SFM: Symposium

Optics & Biophotonics 2016

September 27–30

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Dedicated to 70th Anniversary of Chair of Optics and Biophotonics

Plenary Lectures:

Daniel Razansky Functional optoacoustic neuro-tomography for large-scale observation of neural activity
Prof. Daniel Razansky
Technical University of Munich, Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Center Munic

Adam Wax Nanoscale imaging and sensing of live cell
Dr. Adam Wax
Duke University

Ekaterina Galanzha Optical Monitoring of Lymphatics
Prof. Ekaterina Ivanovna Galanzha
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Gabriel Popescu Label free imaging of cells and tissues from nanometer to millimeter scales
Prof. Gabriel Popescu
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Priezzhev Optical Techniques for Assessing the Risk Factors of Socially Important Diseases in Blood of Human Individuals and Laboratory Animals
Dr. Alexander V. Priezzhev
Moscow State University, Professor

Dmitriy Atochin Optical methods for cerebral blood flow study
Prof. Dmitriy Atochin
Massachusetts General Hospital

Alexander Soldatov Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy for picodiagnostics of local atomic structure of advanced nano-bio materials
Prof. Alexander Soldatov
Southern Federal University

Maria Antipina Application driven polymeric multilayer encapsulating envelopes: tuning the size and composition
Dr. Maria Antipina
Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR

Kirill Larin OCT in Live Embryonic Imaging
Prof. Kirill Larin
University of Houston, Associate Professor

Eugene Postnikov On-the-fly processing of imaging data using the localization of wavelet spectral components via the spline - smoothing approach
Prof. Eugene Postnikov
Kursk State University

Marine AMOUROUX Benchmarking of devices currently used for teledermatology consultations: optical specifications and limits
Université de Lorraine - CRAN

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